Simply nature, as a starting point, a meeting point, and an arriving point. 

We interpret nature as a way of being, a way of creating, like a mirror you can reflect in it and consequently realize everything.

Therefore Conarte has reproduced the voice, the essence of nature, its precise organization, by using it both as an instrument, and an example to imitate, a mark to reproduce and follow in the whole life cycle.

The idea came from the desire of recreating the exact essence of wood (a basic natural material) in everyday life home rooms, and is based on a consolidated design and manufacturing experience.

The wood we use is certificated by FSC, that means it comes from forests managed according to strict environmental, social and economic standards.

During the manufacturing process our firm is powered by a natural and ecological source, the photovoltaic system. We recycle superfluous material by using it for the manufacturing of pellet and other combustible materials.

For each product you purchase, Conarte assures you a 2 year guarantee.

Furnishing your house, adapting your rooms, settling your life spaces, is a way to express your own personality, your life style.

That’s why our team tries to match your personal style to the efficiency you need to enjoy all the home rooms, by recreating, in small or large life spaces, emotions and memories that are typical in nature.